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Next to a range of stories and adventures, Horace & Nim have their own range of greeting cards, featuring Horace Mouse, Nim Hare, Little Piglet Kay, Miss Edie Duck and Polecat Mac. The cards range from birthday cards, to get well cards to cards with uplifting messages and of course Christmas cards.

For more information about the characters and the stories, you can visit the Horace & Nim website


The cards are now available in a variety of carefully selected gift shops.
If they don't stock the cards local to you, you can order them directly from us through our on-line shop.

If you would like to stock any of the cards in your shop, please contact us or by telephone on +44 (0)1380 816004 for wholesale pricing, delivery times and any other information you require.

K1 - Did anybody say cake!?! HN6 - Hoppy Birthday! HNK32 - Happy Birthday! (matte finish) HNE7 - Just for you HN5 - congratulations KE33 Friends Forever (matte finish) K34 - Get well soon, tomorrow will be a better day (matte finish) NKEM19 - Witihout the rain there would be no rainbow H10 - Thank you N29 - Happiness is discovering the joy in the little things around us. HN28 - Just a not to tell you HN12 - Thank you, thank you, Thank you! E2 - Happy Birthday Hand picked especially for you! K3- hello N13 - thinking of you HN We're dancing with joy on your special day (matte finish) HEMJ9 - The right attitude to rain HN14 - Get well soon little friend, tomorrow will be a better day HN16 - Let me help you feel better - Get well soon HN35 Happy Birthday! (matte finish) bdayDaisyHN K4 - Especially for you HM15 - No matter how crazy you are, I love you! H24 - Espcially for you (love tag) (matte finish) N20 - We're bouncing with joy on your special day K8 - Sorry I missed your birthday, belated birthday wishes on their way! HN31 - I'm sorry (matte finish) K37 - Keep your head up (matte finish) HNEKM17 - Thank you for a great party Xmas27 - It was the night before Christmas Xmas22 - Merry Christmas! Xmas23 - Christmas is for sharing, Merry Christmas! xmaspudding K38 - Happy Easter - Matte finish
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